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Buy wooden door attention point

First, buy interior wooden doors, to look at the surface process.

To see whether the film is full, the color is uniform. Good quality wooden doors, from the surface process can also be seen in the overall quality; to see the door smoothness is good, and the surface of the concave corner lines without leakage or paint flow; finally, every part of the section at work is fine.

Two, in the purchase of indoor wood door, do not fall into the "solid wood" misunderstanding.

Many low wood dehydration treatment does not pass, a wooden door, deformation and cracking of chance, and the use of high-grade veneer veneer doors, high-grade solid wood veneer is worth far more than the low wood, its product quality, grade and appearance than the low real wood much higher.

Three, the purchase of solid wood crafts, we must pay attention to verify the name of the wood is real, must be careful to understand the characteristics of this kind of wood, consulting experts, reduce the risk of commodity purchase.

Solid wood crafts because of its natural material, color, taste favored by the majority of consumers. Some of the common material, ordinary consumers may be able to identify, but some common wood, even experts, to identify with corresponding instruments and means, because the trees in the growth process, soil, water, sunlight, greatly influence the location environment, different parts of the same tree, also show texture. There are differences.