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Boutique Showcase

   The showcase is a kind of props is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other stores display of goods, storage of goods, with the appearance of personality, strong function, but also have the effect of advertising. So as to achieve better profit objective. The brand goods Taiwan a better design you a company store best showcase.

Showcase our company is characterized by beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, disassembly fast, convenient transportation.And we produce a wide variety of health care products showcase, display cabinets, electrical display cabinets, independent display cabinets, clothing display cabinets, display cabinets products of all kinds, basically includes many types.Our production of showcase material is MDF, glass, acrylic or organic glass, but mainly in wood based productsCustomers into the store, perhaps into the store, the need to see the product, he would be able to purchase products, and products to be seen, there is a clear need for things to show up. Therefore, the mall all the products have furnishings equipment, that is, the show cabinet. So show the effect of the cabinet is to show the product to facilitate customer selection. Our company's booth design or props design theme is more direct expression of people's thoughts, get rid of the jewelry monotonous "luxury" and "wealth" mark, more in line with the language of art, unique life closer to the pursuit of the fashion crowd, not blindly follow the trend, that the right is the best is the pursuit of unique taste.

Our company's showcase fully meet your daily, you want what kind of showcase, we can give you a carefully made, like all major manufacturers to come to buy.